Award winning comedian and actor Omid Djalili, known for his legendary stand-up performances, is back on a nationwide tour!

The star of ‘The Mummy’, our TV Screens for decades – and of course who can forget his incredible turn as the sleazy photographer in the hit Channel 4 show, ‘Black Books’ – is bringing his latest tour to Margate on 2 April. 

Here’s a little snippet dhighlighting what we can expect from this new show.

Omid Djalili describes his tour – ‘I’ve been offending people around the country.’

“In some ways, that’s hard to believe. Djalili is the epitome of affable ‘Mr Saturday Night’ showbiz, with a cheeky smile, bags of energy and a generous dollop of charisma. His usual warm-up, Boothby Graffoe seems almost redundant as Djalili bursts on to the stage with such a winning burst of cheese and cheer. Let’s call it chutzpah, since he was the one who introduced Yiddish slang by putting it into the title.

“Quite a few routines start with the defensive-apologetic: ‘All I said was…’ as he plays the naive fool whose devilry lands him in hot water. Like a naughty child of an old-fashioned strip cartoon, Djalili is the guy left with the innocent face saying: ‘Who me?’ when caught with the missing apple pie still stuffed in his cheeks.  This is where the ‘schmuck’ of the title comes from, though you could easily see it as a nod to Djalili seeing a different approach to Rupert Pupkin’s mantra for the wannabe comedian: ‘Better be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime.’

“While some of the material is potentially contentious, offence usually comes from a lack of trust and Djalili’s natural rapport with the audience mean we always trust that his intentions are good, even when he unleashes a volley of some of the most offensive epithets around.

“But for all that, there are fresh-out-the-oven jokes about Kim Kardashian’s jewel theft, so he’s keeping it topical. And he’s no fan of Donald Trump’s gung-ho plan to bomb ISIS and so fuel the war the terrorists crave. Just a little bit of politics, which is where he has something of value to say.

“So it’s a mixed bag of content and approach, but Djalili’s sparkly persona accommodates the range; part of a package that means there should be something for everyone. Maybe it’s that Iranian hospitality at play.”

By Steve Bennett – Beck Theatre, Hayes

You can read the full review here: Chortle

You can book to see ‘Omid Djalili – Schmuck for a Night‘ when the tour arrives in Margate on our website HERE, or by calling the Box Office on 01843 292795