The ‘Circus of Horrors‘ returns with its high-octane new show, ‘The Never-Ending Nightmare‘ on 4 March. 

This new spectacular features an amazing amalgamation of bizarre, brave & beautiful acts all woven into an Alice in Horrorland type story driven by a mainly original soundscape & performed with a forked tongue firmly in each cheek!

We found out more about one of the macabre cast members, Doug Child, the ‘Killer Klown’!

It’s fair to say many people have a fear of clowns, which is known as Coulrophobia.

A child’s fear of an unfamiliar face has become widespread, with many developing a fear of clowns. The phobia leads to people, in later life, becoming anxious when confronted with clown costumes, a clowns facial features and of course their make-up. A clown therefore would not seem to be the ideal employment for someone who suffers from coulrophobia, yet Doug Child decided to try and overcome his fear to retain his job in the latest Circus of Horrors production, which is currently on a world tour.

Doug had previously worked on the show and was known as ‘Camp Dracula’. Circus of Horrors ringmaster, Dr. Haze, had devised a new show called ‘Welcome to the CarnEvil’ (which came to Margate in 2016) and cast Doug as a ‘Killer Klown’. Dr. Haze warned him that he could only remain in the show if he took on the ‘Killer Klown’ persona. At that time Dr. Haze had no idea of his phobia.

At first Doug kept his phobia to himself, and tried to fight the phobia by visiting & training with ‘The Moscow State Circus’.

“It was slowly, slowly’” said Doug, “‘The Moscow State Circus’ was a good starting point as the clowns there are more like comedy characters, I then moved onto watching ‘The Joker’ in ‘Batman’ & of course, the ultimate test, trying to get through Tim Curry’s performance as ‘Pennywise’, in Stephen Kings’ horror classic, ‘IT’.”

It took Doug ages to adjust and when he first donned his horrendous costume for the first time he could not look at himself in the mirror.

“I had to get other people to apply my make up and tell me what it looked like. The first time I saw myself, I freaked out & washed it off immediately!” Doug even resorted to hypnotherapy.

Eventually he did overcome the phobia and now stars as ‘Rellik, the Psycho Clown’ in the show.

You can book to see ‘The Circus of Horrors‘ when the tour arrives in Margate on 4 March through our website HERE, or by calling the Box Office on 01843 292795