Support from ‘amazing’ Adele has helped Sarah’s tribute bloom into a national and international success story!

The Margate born singer Sarah Evans – who is appearing at the Margate Winter Gardens with her show ‘A Night of Adele‘ this coming Thursday – describes the superstar singer as someone with “amazing talent, but wonderfully down to earth with it”.

Sarah and Adele met when they appeared together in a BBC documentary ‘Adele at The BBC’. Sarah was selected by a BBC producer who saw a YouTube clip of her singing Adele songs, and as part of the documentary she performed as a tribute act. What she had not been told, until afterwards, was that Adele had personally selected her for the documentary from other hopefuls, and then secretly watched her perform.

“In all honesty I had a gut feeling she would be there,” said Sarah, who performs her show with Adele’s full blessing. “And it was such a thrill when I’d finished, and she emerged to greet me.

“Adele is just such a lovely, down to earth person, and was so supportive of me when we met. As she sees it, my act keeps people interested in her, or wins over new fans, who then want to buy her albums and go to see her live shows – but in all honesty, I really don’t think she needs me to promote her; her incredible talent does that for her naturally!

“She is an amazing singer, song-writer and performer, and that winning combination has made her the superstar she is; but as I say, she is just a nice, normal person.”

Sarah is supported on stage by a top class band and two outstanding backing singers during her show, in which she performs all Adele’s big hits, and even impersonates the stars’ voice and mannerisms. It was one of those hit songs – Someone Like You – that first prompted Sarah to start performing as Adele.

She said: “I was out in Dubai with the band, supporting Only One Direction, and as part of my set I sang ‘Someone Like You’. People kept telling me after the show how much I’d sounded like Adele as I’d sang the song, and it went from there.

“So I recorded other Adele songs, put them on social media platforms, like YouTube, and was then spotted by a BBC producer, looking for acts for the documentary I featured in.”

Since then, Sarah’s performances have won her much acclaim, an award too, and taken her all over the country, and beyond. Now she is looking forward to bringing her show to Margate on Thursday, 11th August. She said: “I love performing, singing, entertaining, and I regard my show as a celebration of Adele rather than a tribute act – she’s an amazing lady, and it’s my privilege to be on stage celebrating her excellence.”

Sarah, who was born in Margate, but now lives in Bristol with her young daughter, has loved singing all her life, and been performing since she was 16. But she has another talent too – she is also a biologist – indeed, she recently graduated from Oxford University – specialising
in large mammal conservation, and plants.

“I am very lucky in that I am able to balance the two professional passions of my life, singing and biology,” she said. “I am incredibly blessed – singing gives me an enormous pleasure, and the audience response to my ‘Night of Adele’ show has been amazing, and takes me far
and wide, but biology has fascinated me since I was a young girl, and it is incredibly fulfilling to lead my life doing the two things I love so much.”

‘A Night of Adele’ with Sarah Evans is at Margate Winter Gardens on Thursday 11th August 2016. Book online now!