Who’s excited for this gig? The Damned sure are! Their Margate tour date is set to be their best!

The punk icons are currently on their 40th Anniversary Tour and arrive in Thanet on Friday 9 December for a night full of their greatest hits!

Here’s what’s been happening on the tour so far…

The Damned / Emptifish – Cardiff, Tramshed Written by Nev Brooks

Source: Uber Rock

The Damned playing ‘Damned, Damned, Damned’ in its entirety. This is the first Damned album, and to me is as classic as the first Clash or Sex Pistols LPs. I’d go as far as to say it holds up just as well too.

To mainstream audiences, they were not taken with the same seriousness as some of the “more respected” punk bands of 1977. Given the power on display all the way through, this had great songs and not a mediocre track on it. ‘Damned Damned Damned’, along with having one of the coolest album covers of all time, is also bundled with some of Brian James’ best work. I mean just look at the track listing on this baby! What could possibly go wrong?

But before we get to The Damned, we had another band: Portsmouth’s Emptifish. I knew absolutely nothing about them prior, entering the gig thinking there was no support, but after being more than impressed by the surf punk noise, I intend to put that right.

There’s an LP, ‘6;57: The Best of Emptifish’ (aimed at the 6:57 crew grounded in football culture, or they were at the time back in the Eighties), and I couldn’t believe on searching backwards how big these guys got… What did they sound: like Cliff Richard and the Shadows on acid!!! Or maybe a hell of a lot like the Cramps! I was Smiling from start to finish, as the rest of the audience were: a more than adequate back up to the main event.

[On The Damned playing ‘Damned Damned Damned’] Listening with older ears, the LP is as fresh to me today as when I first heard it, and alongside ‘Machine Gun Etiquette’, really stands out as my favourite Damned incarnation. Stand outs obviously are ‘New Rose’, ‘Neat, Neat, Neat’ and ‘Feel The Pain’ – and before you knew it the Captain was announcing that’s it… we’ve done it. So on to part two kicking off a real romp through one of the best back catalogues out there.

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The Damned / Emptifish – Cardiff, Tramshed

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The Damned – 9 December, 2016