Jasper Carrott’s Stand Up and Rock

Stand Up & Rock sees the legendary Jasper Carrott back live on stage with a new stand up show and performing alongside his musical compatriots that have been rockin’ audiences all over the world.

Joining Jasper Carrott is Bev Bevan, the legendary drummer and founding member of The Move and ELO who, as well as being Jasper’s mate has rock star credentials that most dream of… Bev’s band are one of the finest around and features Geoff Turton from the Rockin Berries, Phil Tree (Ex Wizzard), renowned session musicians Abby Brant and singer Suzi Woo.

So do not miss this unique show that gives the opportunity to see and hear great artistes belt out a night of classic hits and Jasper back where he belongs……making us laugh!!


“Carrott was the host for the evening, addressing the audience with such casual bon homme that you felt you were at the house party of an old friend” – Shropshire Star

“It’s the show that has it all: musical talent young and old, songs for everyone…get yourself a ticket. It really is a show not to be missed” – Wolverhampton Express & Star

“A combination of side-splitting material and 60s/70s music made for a great evening” – 
Redditch Standard

“There was something surprisingly quite magical about tonight. The pure undeniable quality of Jasper Carrott’s comedy, the thundergod legend that is Bevan” – Gig Junkies

“In his latest show, Carrott has topped it off with a new dimension; live rock and roll music performed by real talented performers from across the decades” – Nantwich News

 “Jasper was fantastic, still one of the best stand up comedians. This show was amazing from start to finish. Everyone in this line up were superb” – TicketMaster Reviews

“This is a mult-media feelgood two-and-a-half hour show that could run for as long as everyone wants it to” – Birmingham Mail

 “This show was amazing from start to finish. Everyone in this line up were superb” – TicketMaster Reviews

“WOW what a fantastic night out – Jasper was incredibly funny and the music was fantastic” – Trip Advisor Birmingham Town Hall